Cyber Insurance

All You Need to Know About Cyber Insurance in Great Neck, NY

There’s no end in sight for cyberattacks that keep getting more sophisticated. Besides fortifying their IT network defenses, organizations invest in cyber insurance policies to mitigate some of the effects of a data breach. Understanding how to protect your business with the right cyber insurance coverage is vital for a healthier bottom line. Cyber insurance

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Business Insurance

Does Your Online Business Need Insurance? What You Need to Know

Contrary to common misconception, operating online doesn’t eliminate all business risks typically covered under commercial insurance policies. Whether you run an online store or offer professional services via a website, you face unique risks and hazards that many other business owners face daily. Understanding “why online businesses need insurance” is crucial for owners to avoid

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Auto Insurance

Understanding Comprehensive and Collision Coverage in Auto Insurance

Like most drivers in New York, you may carry auto insurance because it’s required by state law. However, your third-party injury and property damage coverages wouldn’t pay to replace or repair your car after theft or damage in an accident. For additional financial protection, you should look into customized comprehensive and collision coverage with the

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3 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agency

Insurance agents typically do the heavy lifting when it comes to providing coverage, making it easier for clients to access customized policies from their preferred insurance providers. For instance, an insurance agent can ease getting and comparing quotes from different insurance companies. However, while both captive and independent agents work on a commission basis, the

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Home Insurance

Actual Cash Value Vs. Replacement Cost: Which One Will Pay Your Entire Claim?

A standard homeowners insurance policy provides various coverage options, including personal property coverage and dwelling coverage. It safeguards your personal property against loss or damage caused by a covered event such as fire, vandalism, and certain natural disasters. The payout typically depends on the stated coverage limits and the type of coverage. What Does Replacement

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